About Us

City Girl Candles is a small boutique candle company that specializes in creating hand-poured, eco-friendly soy wax candles with unique and captivating scents. 


City Girl Candle company was born out of the desire to cure daily anxiety. I am a wife, a mother of four, and a full time manager in the healthcare industry, while obtaining my masters degree. In the depths of daily responsibilities and unforeseen stressors, I was in search of something therapeutic to help relieve my anxiety and stress. In the year 2020, the choice was made to buy a candle kit for beginners to try out aromatherapy. In doing so, not only did it promote a sense of relaxation in my day to day activities, but I fell madly in love with the creative aspects of curating the perfect candle. After embarking upon this journey, City Girl Candles came to life in 2022.City Girl Candles is dedicated to making candles that promote positive emotions through calming scents and low light flames that help relax the mind and body. With a luxurious flare, City Girls has created an experience with high quality fragrances and waxes that enhance the ambiance in your home. We strive to make each and every candle just right. All of our candles are made from a soy wax blend and are hand poured in Dallas, located in the heart of Texas.I hope you enjoy your City Girl Candle experience!

What Makes Our Candles Different

At City Girl Candles, we believe in lighting up your space with warmth and compassion. Our candles are crafted from soy wax, making them not only environmentally friendly but also animal safe. We understand the importance of creating a home that is not only inviting for you but also safe and welcoming for your furry friends. That's why our candles are made with the well-being of all creatures in mind, so you can enjoy the gentle glow of our candles without any worry. When you choose City Girl Candles, you're choosing to support a brand that cares for all creatures, big and small. Let our candles fill your home with a gentle warmth and a clear conscience. Experience the difference of lighting the way with kindness and compassion with City Girl Candles.
Animal Friendly
Designed to Relax

Captivating Scents

Our customers rave about the unique and captivating scents of our candles, which create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Long-Lasting Burn

Many of our customers appreciate the long-lasting burn time of our candles, which provide hours of enjoyment and fragrance.


Customers love that our candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax and packaged with recyclable materials, reducing their impact on the environment.

Great Gift

Our candles make great gifts for any occasion, and our customers appreciate the elegant packaging and thoughtful touches that make them feel special.
City Girl Candles is woman-owned, small business dedicated to quality products. 
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